Really Does Gender Damage Women’s Long-Term Potential? | Women Chase

Do you really generate a female worse as a future girl, girlfriend, or mommy when you go to bed together? People think you will do.

On my post about

user guilt

, Ben asked:

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Could  you address the last concern which you bring- that asleep with women  damages their ability having long lasting relationships?

You made a rather persuading instance that emotionally, assuming you will be  gonna flirt and just go and attract women, perhaps not sleeping using them  isn’t performing all of them any favors.

Perhaps we really shouldn’t be venturing out and flirting with most girls  (leaving out those who require an emotional getaway or similar I assume)  from a difficult standpoint?

More importantly though, how can you justify flirting with ladies next  resting together with them, realizing it damages their capability to possess continuous  interactions? This bothers myself over the psychological part.


The matter he is speaing frankly about was actually where we paraphrased some ‘web wisdom’ cast about about females. A few of it claims sex is liberating to ladies. Some states sex is actually violent, oppressive, and patriarchal. Some state sex is actually empowering. Some state it destroys females when it comes to lasting.

Those aren’t my viewpoints

; these include however common tropes you certainly will run into on the Internet.

Ben’s question, though, is certainly one well worth discovering… specifically because ties into the notion of user shame (which that post Ben stated on was about).

Should you sleep with a woman, could you be damaging her future potential as a girlfriend, wife, and mother?

A growing activity online seemingly have arrived at the final outcome “yes, gender destroys ladies futures.”

The males whom arrive at this summation though follow a string of logic that proceeds therefore:

  1. Women with larger amounts of intercourse associates are,


    , even worse partners and moms

  2. For that reason, when males make love with ladies, they degrade ladies’ capabilities to get capable lovers and moms

While we have an abundance of evidence that

women are significantly less faithful more partners they’ve

, and now we’ve all heard anecdotes of reckless man-crazy single moms ditching their own young ones to chase the

homme du jour

, absolutely a


causal jump between those two factors. This relaxed step of belief is how men journey themselves upwards.

That is to say, females with high lover counts tend to be (normally) even worse as mothers and associates. This is exactly real.

However their particular spouse counts are a


of the thing that makes them worse throughout these roles

— spouse count is not necessarily the



So when you adopt a woman to bed,


will also be not ‘the reason’.