Physical Exams: How Often Do Pets Need to See the Vet for Checkups?

Although it may feel counterintuitive to go to the vet when your pet appears to be completely well, going to the vet is not something you should only do when your pet is sick. Your pet requires regular checkups to stay healthy, but how frequently they need to see a doctor depends largely on their stage of life. Just like we require more medical treatment at the beginning and end of our lives, your pet will require more vet visits in their first year and again when they hit their senior years.

How often should pets see a vet?

This article will cover when pets of various ages should see a veterinarian from places like

Up to One Year of Age

When you bring home a kitten or puppy, they are usually around four months old. If they are younger, you should take them to the vet every three to four weeks for all immunizations and a basic checkup. Vaccination & prevention of illness are required for all newborn animals. 


Around four months, most kittens and pups are spayed or neutered. Additionally, depending on whether the animal was a stray or not, flea medicine may be administered. It is critical to take a kitten or puppy to the vet frequently during the first year of their life to maintain optimum growth and health.

Adult Years

After one year, a cat or dog usually only has to visit the animal hospital or veterinarian clinic once a year. During this annual vet visit, animals will be given a thorough examination to look for any signs of illness. Additionally, updated booster injections will be administered during annual visits. 


However, it is crucial to highlight that animals can easily visit a local veterinarian more than once a year if something is wrong. It is critical to take your pet to the animal hospital if it shows pain or disease. This allows the veterinarian to address the issue immediately rather than waiting until their annual checkup.

The Senior Years

Animals, like humans, require more medical attention as they age. This is why veterinarians recommend that senior animals be checked twice a year rather than once yearly. Senior pets may require additional health testing during their appointment, a standard physical, and any necessary immunizations. 


These examinations may include checks for previous abnormalities and blood and urine testing to ensure their internal organ health is in good working order. Owners should report any changes in their pet’s health or behavior during senior pet appointments to receive the best care possible. Visit this “view sitepage to learn more. 


Take your dog to the vet as needed or if any problems occur, such as if the dog appears ill or is involved in an accident. Every dog requires love and attention, correct nourishment and exercise, and a trip to the vet when necessary. Regular vet visits can help your pet stay as healthy as possible. Annual health checks are critical for your pet’s health because they help us all to diagnose, treat, and potentially prevent diseases before they become life-threatening. So keep this knowledge in mind and ensure your pet goes to the vet as needed.