What to Expect From Fire-Related Water Damage Repairs

Fires can be put out with hundreds of liters of water. When dealing with that much water, urgent action is required. Damage from water can be costly not only to fix in the property but also in terms of health and wellness. 

If you’ve recently had to call the fire department and aren’t certain what to anticipate or where to go from here, continue reading to find out what precautions you should take to prevent and repair water damage.

Common Water Damage Restoration Following a Fire

The places where water was used to put out the fire will determine the scope and nature of the water damage. The whole house needs to be checked for water and fire damage, but the latter will be most severe in the areas that have sustained the most fire. Below are the most typical outcomes of water damage following a fire to help you plan in advance.


Cleaning is essential. As soon as the majority of the damaged things have been removed, you should immediately clean and disinfect the area. This process must be performed in full, and depending on the gravity of the damage, you may have to clean the same places more than once. 

If you want to get rid of bacteria and germs without exposing people to any risk, bleach solutions and other antibacterials are your best choice. You can also hire a professional water damage repair business to help you out.

Damaged Wood

Like any porous material, wood floors and furniture will quickly absorb water and become ruined. It’s essential to get rid of any wood that has been severely soaked and damaged. Look for any indications of water damage on the ground, in the cabinets, and doors. While it may be possible to recover some of it, it’s best to dispose of it entirely for safety and security reasons.

Ceiling Damage

After a fire, the ceiling is one of the starting points to check for damage. If the ceiling is damaged, it could possibly break down, resulting in even more destruction to your house. While ceiling panels can be easily changed, other kinds of ceilings may need a total replacement if damaged. 

Ceiling inspection and repair after a fire is a huge task, so you may require some professional assistance. Get in touch with a restoration firm if you need more detail as to why it is crucial to have experts examine ceiling damage caused by a fire.

Drywall Damage

Drywall may have sustained most of the damage from the fire and the water utilized to put it out. Though drywall damage is never easy to deal with, it is preferable to the alternative of rotting wood. The drywall can be dried and used in some places, but there will be other areas where it should be removed and replaced. To minimize expenses, you may opt to repair the damaged areas of your drywall by working with a property restoration company.

Final Thoughts

Repairing damage to your home can be a lengthy procedure. Addressing water damage is complex since several aspects of a framework can be affected, and in extreme cases, you may need to replace essential structural parts. 

While many individuals may have the ability to do minor fixes themselves, companies that are equipped to take on significant restorations are your best bet. Call a restoration firm immediately if you have water damage that requires fixing following a fire.